Deck waterproofing and pedestrian waterproofing is crucial for open-air exposed areas: walkways, pedestrian decks, galleries, loggias, roofs of underground car parks used as plazas, and outdoor seating areas are constantly exposed to the elements. These facilities must be equipped to satisfy both decorative and functional (i.e., structural waterproofing) purposes, especially where areas are intended to host high volumes of pedestrian traffic (e.g., commercial plazas). MARIS POLYMERS offers liquid-application, polyurethane decking and terrace waterproofing solutions which deliver long-term protection for public facilities, ensuring unalloyed enjoyment of the outdoors, year after year.

Pedestrian Decks Waterproofing Pedestrian Decks Waterproofing

The MARISEAL SYSTEM® is the technologically superior roof waterproofing system – offering no hassle application, full certification, and guaranteed lasting results for your outdoor waterproofing needs. It is the ideal solution for new or used balcony and/or terrace constructions, as well as the practical choice for repair or renewal.

The MARISEAL SYSTEM® consists of a selection of products to suit a range of structural and situational needs. Easy to apply and fully certified, it is the professional choice for ensuring long-term protection and enjoyment of facility investment.

Advantages of the MARISEAL SYSTEM® at a glance

Effortless Application (Roller or Airless Spray)
Various Decorative Designs Possible
Forms a Seamless Membrane which Adapts to any Form
Secure Sealing of Joints and Details
Minimal Additional Weight and Height Added to Substrate
Resistant to Water, Heat, and Frost
Water Vapor Permeable
Provides Excellent Thermal, Weather and UV Resistance.
Remains Flexible over a Temperature Span of -40°C to +90°C
Provides Excellent Adhesion to Almost any Type of Surface
Can be used for Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic
Resistant to Detergents, Oils, Seawater and Domestic Chemicals
Over 15 Years of Positive Feedback Worldwide

Proposed Build Up

Pedestrian Decks Waterproofing

  • Spray polyurethane foams
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