Swimming Pools and Fountains are constantly exposed to the elements as water, UV radiation, chemicals and wear and tear by daily use. A protecting coating must be used to protect the swimming pool and create an appealing optic.

Protective Swimming Pool Coating Protective Swimming Pool Coating

The MARIPOOL®, can completely protect the swimming pool / fountain and offer a long term protection. The MARIPOOL® protective coating is applied on the mortar that protects the cementicious waterproofing membrane.

The MARISEAL SYSTEM® is the technologically advanced, premium hybrid protection system that offers easy application, full certifications, and most importantly guaranteed long lasting results. It can be used for new Swimming Pools and Fountains construction but also for repair or renewal.

Advantages of the MARISEAL SYSTEM® at a glance

Simple application (roller or airless spray).
Resistant to abrasion and wear conditions.
Color stable.
Resistant to pools chemicals.
When applied, forms a surface that does not absorb water.
Gives a satin and easy-to-clean surface.
Does not show the chalking effect of epoxy pool coatings
Resistant to frost
Over 10 years of positive feedback worldwide
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Proposed Build Up

Protective Swimming Pool Coating

  • Spumă poliuretanică pulverizată
  • Poliureice
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