Reactor App

Controlling Reactor 2 Spray Foam Machines Remotely

Communication and Control

The Reactor app gives you the freedom to make real-time adjustments directly from your smart phone. Operators can now turn the machine on or off, turn pumps on or off, and adjust pump settings, such temperatures and pressure - all without having to return to the machine.
With the Reactor app, you can stop wasting time walking back and forth to your Reactor, or yelling instructions to someone else that may or may not hear them correctly. Take control with the Reactor app.

What can you do with the Reactor App?

  • 1. Turn Heat Zones On/Off
  • 2. View Drum Levels
  • 3. Quick Link to My Graco Rewards
  • 4. Yield Calculator
  • 5. View Events
  • 6. Switch Between Reator 2 Systems
  • 7. Turn System On/Off
  • 8. Adjust Temperatures
  • 9. Turn Pump On/Off
  • 10. View Material Usage
  • 11. Adjust Pressure
  • 12. Cycle Reset
  • 13. View Cycle Count
  • 14. Select Spray/Park/Job Mode
Reactor 2 App
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